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Delivering improved outcomes across the population


Registration & Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nick Carding, Senior Correspondent, HSJ


Refreshed infrastructure strategy: Aligning with the HIP Refresh national guidance

  • Update on the New Hospitals Programme
    • Managing the impacts of delivery delays and declining budget
  • Adapting ICS and Trust strategies in line with national HIP Refresh document
  • Insight into alternative models of funding

Panellists include:
Patrick Carey, Director – Capital & Infrastructure, Department of Health and Social Care


Panel Discussion: Adapting the hospital estate to maximise utilisation and embed resilience

  • Increasing clinical vs nonclinical space
    • Rapid response and embedding flexibility
    • Leveraging the opportunities of flexible working
  • Considering infection control in design and patient flow
  • Reducing LOS and linking to “care closer to home” strategies

Panellists include:
Michael Simpson, Associate Director of Strategic Capital Development and Programme Director for ED & AAU, Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Interactive Discussion Groups :

Join these intimate and focused small-group discussions to share experiences with senior colleagues and get your pressing questions answered. With participants limited per table, ensure you sign up early to secure your place in your preferred groups.

1. Exploring alternative funding models

4. Thinking holistically: Linking up siloed expertise and fostering collaboration

2. Supporting the population health agenda

5. Responding to service pressures rapidly and effectively

3. Enabling data-driven decision making

6. Upskilling the estates workforce


Networking Lunch

Stream A: Digital Opportunities Stream B: Maximising Resources

Panel Discussion: Estates without walls – The impact of virtual care and digital solutions

  • Understanding the direction of travel for digital and impact on care delivery
  • Sharing the load: The role of primary care
  • Levelling up healthcare access in rural areas
Panel Discussion: Developing the estates workforce


  • raining internally over outsourcing to retain knowledge and encourage holistic system thinking
  • Developing system-wide competencies within the NHS workforce
  • Supporting the workforce, especially at home

Panellists include:
Caroline Lowe,
Workforce HR System Manager, NHS England and NHS Improvement

14:20 Panel Discussion: Intelligent buildings – Joining up data for “smart” decision making


  • Update on the central digital standard blue print
  • Optimising asset and resource productivity and performance
  • Improving patient flow understanding and assessing performance to measure improvements
  • Prioritising needs with real-time reporting and management
Panel Discussion: Addressing the maintenance backlog


According to 20/21 Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) data, the total cost to eradicate backlog maintenance is £9.2 billion. This session will explore prioritisation of resources and allocating capital to improve the state of NHS buildings.

  • Bringing deteriorating assets back to a suitable working condition
  • Prioritising deteriorating assets and addressing critical need
  • De-risking outstanding maintenance to reduce avoidable clinical service incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure
  • Understanding future requirements and ERIC return

Panellists include: 

Siva Anandaciva, Chief Analyst, The King’s Fund 


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


Panel Discussion: Integrating the primary care estate to support patient-centred pathways across the ICS

  • Understanding the shifting dynamics and pressures on primary care
  • Measuring value of the “left shift” to inform system estates strategies
  • Financing development of the primary care estate
  • Adapting estates plans to support out-of-hospital patient pathways

Panellists include:
Nicola Theron, NCL Director of Estates, North London Partners in Health and Care

Matthew Walker, Estates Lead and Director, National Association of Primary Care (NAPC)


Taking a holistic approach to environmental sustainability to achieve net zero targets

  • Creating your zero-carbon roadmap and tracking progress with granular measuring and reporting
  • Aligning sustainability initiatives with public health objectives
  • Factoring sustainability into procurement decisions through life cycle analysis and local sourcing to increase overall value over time

Panellists include:
Fiona Daly, National Sustainability and EFM Workforce Lead, NHS England and NHS Improvement


Panel Discussion: Estates strategies for integrated care systems

Discuss national and regional ICS objectives, and the factors likely to impact the NHS estate over the next six months to ensure you are prepared for what lies ahead.

  • Understanding the implications for estates management within ICS plans – What would ICB joint ownership look like?
  • Working across sovereign organisations within the ICS to plan estates usage and capital expenditure
  • Aligning with local government plans and public infrastructure investments
  • Linking estates strategies to wider determinants of health to enable overall improvements

Panellists include:
Jacqui Bunce, Programme Director – Strategic Estates, Partnerships and Planning, Lincolnshire ICS

Kerry Harding, Director of Estates, Mid and South Essex CCGs

Chris O’Neill, Director, Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership


Chair’s closing remarks

Nick Carding, Senior Correspondent, HSJ