As the NHS endeavours to recover from the covid-19 pandemic, the estate has an increasingly important and highlighted role to play in delivering safe, quality care. The ability to reconfigure old sites and embed resilience has become a priority, while an emphasis on population health, health inequalities and equity of access necessitates a more holistic approach to the healthcare estate, embedded in Integrated Care System (ICS) strategies.

Capital funding and allocation remain a key challenge, both across the existing NHS estate and in delivery of the New Hospitals Programme which continues to see delays and raise concerns. In the absence of a comprehensive multi-year capital settlement to tackle the estates maintenance backlog, efficiency and resourcefulness at all system levels is paramount. 

Key themes include:

  • Update on the New Hospitals Programme and capital allocation
  • Increasing flexibility and service resilience
  • Embedding estates plans within ICS strategies
  • Meeting the net zero target
  • Leveraging digital tools
  • Addressing the maintenance backlog

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