Strategic Estates

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12 March 2020

Strategic Estates

Transform The Estate To Make Efficiencies and Improve Clinical Outcomes

The HSJ Strategic Estates Forum 2019 has now passed. Please find below key topics and themes that were discussed, if you would like to registery your interest to attend the HSJ Strategic Estates Forum 2020 please let us know here

Major progress now needs to be made in estates to build on the reports written by Sir Robert Naylor and Lord Carter. It is essential that policy and discussion is now translated into delivery and action.

The HSJ Strategic Estates Forum has been created to provide senior NHS leaders with clarity, insight and solutions on how they can advance their strategic estates plans – both for their organisation and local health economy.

Main themes at the HSJ Strategic Forum 2019 included:

Who are the high performing STPs? All 44 STPS submitted their workbooks in July outlining their strategic plans and requests for capital funding. Hear from the leading STPs who won funding and understand why they're high performing partnerships.

• How are organisations clearing their backlog maintenance? Conservative estimates suggest the cost of backlog maintenance to the NHS is over £5bn. In reality it is likely to be much higher with the position worsening all the time. Find out the innovative approaches leading trusts have adopted to make incremental improvements to their backlog maintenance challenge

 What are the opportunities for revenue generation? The simpler efficiency gains have been made and more organisations are now forced to think outside the box to develop a more commercial attitude and raise revenues to improve their financial position. Understand the opportunities available to organisations and how these solutions are viewed by central agencies and government

• How can private funding be accessed? There are number of opportunities for the NHS to develop public-private partnerships with other organisations. However, what central approval and funding is still required – and crucially what can appear as off-balance sheet? Hear the view from government on accessing private capital and the organisations who are able to provide innovative funding solutions





10 Year Plan_0.png Next steps for improving primary care estate_0.png Exploring scope of RHICs.png Overview of private funding initiatives.png
What the 10-year plan means for estates Next steps for improving primary care estates Exploring the scope of RHICs Overview of private funding initiatives
Delivering estates strategy through STPs_0.png Accessing opportunities through the ETTF_0.png Reducing backlog maintenance.png Estate utilisation to drive efficiencies.png
Delivering estates strategy through STPs Accessing opportunities through ETTF Reducing backlog maintenance Estate utilisation to drive efficiencies


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