The HSJ Strategic Estates Forum will take place virtually in March 2021 – join peers for a half-day of panel discussions and live Q&As to better understand what options are available to upgrade your estate to better meet your organisation and system’s clinical needs and strategic plans.

Beyond pervasive questions around capital flow, maximising the existing estate and driving efficiencies, the covid-19 pandemic has really highlighted the importance of flexibility and service resilience. The HSJ Strategic Estates Virtual Forum gives you a chance to learn from peers across the country to inform your estates strategy, as well as question national leaders on priorities and available support to drive positive outcomes for your local population.

Your time is important, so we have curated a condensed, high-impact programme spanning a few hours, keeping your afternoon free to return to other responsibilities.

What to expect

  • Free access to high-level strategic content, available to senior healthcare estates professionals across the system
  • 4 live video sessions in the format of a panel discussion, each including a live Q&A
  • Live participation with the opportunity to submit questions to speakers through the platform
  • Access to on-demand content, such as additional pre-recorded sessions and post-event platform access to view recordings of live sessions, in case you were pulled away from watching in real-time!


How it works

  • Registering: Complete a registration form, after which you will receive an email with confirmation – please note that the event is for healthcare professionals only and registrations will be reviewed prior to acceptance.
  • Gaining Access: Virtual event participants will receive a URL link to the live event platform to access content on the event day. The link can also be used to access on-demand content on the platform, and for a period of time after.
  • Logging In: Simply log in prior to the opening remarks, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the platform and get ready for the sessions to begin.
  • Technical Support: Our team will be available to you before and during the conference to ensure you are set up and ready to go!
  • Platform Compatibility: The platform is accessible via your internet browser and does not require any software to be downloaded. We will share the link in advance to give you ample time to familiarise yourself with the layout and functions.

Key Themes for the Forum

What the 10-year plan means for estates
What the 10-year plan means for estates
Next steps for improving primary care estates
Increasing flexibility and service resilience
Exploring the scope of RHICs
Learning from the covid-19 response
Overview of private funding initiatives
Update on the HIP programme
Delivering estates strategy through STPs
Leveraging digital tools
Accessing opportunities through ETTF
Accessing opportunities through ETTF
Reducing backlog maintenance
Meeting the net zero target
Estate utilisation to drive efficiencies
Collaborating across the ICS

To find out more

For information on attending the event, the venue or accommodation, contact us on