Strategic Estates

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12 March 2020

Strategic Estates

Meeting the capital need to deliver world-class NHS infrastructure

Capital has been identified as one of the major enablers to making a success of the NHS Long-Term Plan. Infrastructure must be fundamentally reshaped and modernised if integrated care systems are to flourish.

However, the process for accessing capital has been complicated for some time. Funding routes have been hazardous to navigate. Private funding routes were closed off when the former Chancellor put the brakes on PFI.

The Health Secretary recognises capital funding mechanisms have been convoluted and over bureaucratic. There is now a real appetite to make progress and a zeal to refresh the healthcare estate.

The HSJ Strategic Estates Forum provides an environment for senior attendees to better understand what options are available to upgrade their estate to better meet their clinical needs and strategic plans:

  • Get clarity from the Department of Health and Social Care and Treasury on proposed changes to the capital funding regime
  • Understand from NHS England and NHS Improvement how the Health Infrastructure Plan is being implemented and supports the NHS Long-Term Plan
  • Find out how the most advanced STPs and ICSs are navigating multiple stakeholders to build a credible estates strategy for their local health economy
  • Access best practice guidance on making business cases for capital funding by learning from the most successful organisations
  • Get insight from leading private sector organisations on the innovative funding models your organisation can access to deliver capital projects
  • Learn what options are available to derive greater revenue receipts from your estate
  • Hear what steps are being taken to upskill the estates workforce to better meet the demands of a changing healthcare system
  • Join peers and colleagues with similar priorities and challenges to network and forge stronger connections which will benefit you and your organisation / system
  • Build relationships beyond the NHS – with education and housing providers for example – to create all-encompassing strategic estates plan to better tackle the wider social determinants of health
  • Learn about the wider relationships beyond the NHS in housing, policing, education that are vital to ensure the NHS estate is harness and utilised properly


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